Deborah Coronado

    O: 720-515-7713

    Dedication and Flexibility

    Deborah Coronado is on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Such is the life of a realtor, and especially one who’s a mother to four kids whose ages are spread across 20 years. When asked why she chose real estate as a career, she says, “It still gave me the flexibility to be a mother, which is probably the most important factor of why I went into real estate.”

    Remaining flexible not only in terms of work-life balance, Deborah’s customer-centered approach allows her to be nimble to meet the differing needs of all the people she works with. “It’s not just about real estate,” Deborah says. “You wear a lot of hats to serve all the different families you work with.”

    Being flexible is only half of the equation, and Deborah balances it by bringing dogged dedication to every single family she works with. When asked what her key to success is, Deborah answers, “Transparency. I like to be as transparent as possible. It’s not just about getting the sale, it’s not just about the money. ” She continues, “There’s no purchase price too small. Everyone is in a different situation in their life, and I’m with my clients all the way.”

    A former Marketing Director at a previous firm, Deborah’s time in that role helped her skillset expand greatly as she cultivated great relationships with other agents, appraisers, inspectors, contractors, and more importantly her clientele. This makes Deborah a unique asset and a wealth of knowledge to her peers and clientele for taking the approach of driving the responsibility, taking charge of situations and offering her expertise and honesty when anyone around her requires her professionalism.

    When she does get some time away, Deborah is probably camping with her kids in the summer, hitting the pool for some swimming, or participating in baseball, which her kids are active in.

    Deborah has found her ideal spot at the Peak Properties Group, a firm which beat out seven others for her services. She chose the Peak Properties Group over all the others because of its team environment, and the willingness from everyone on staff to provide help where needed. This type of collaborative environment translates to a smooth experience for all of Deborah’s clients whether they’re on their first real estate transaction or their fifth or more.

    “My clients can talk to me and know that I’m listening. I’m not just telling them what they want to hear, but what they need to know.” And since Deborah’s on-call 24/7, she’ll be there to answer any question a client poses.

    “I’m easy to get a hold of,” she quips.

    3 Completely Random Facts About Deborah

    • Deborah is bi-lingual, fluent in both English and Spanish.
    • A lifelong baseball fan, born in Guatemala City, Guatemala and grew up in Queens, NY cites the Mets as her favorite team. Her favorite player of all-time? Darryl Strawberry.
    • Looking for Deborah around town? You can find her enjoying pizza at the Lazy Dog in Boulder, imbibing during happy hour at the Rio, or indulging in great Japanese food at Domo near Downtown Denver.
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