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    Home and Abroad

    “As a kid, I grew up with a single mom and two little sisters, and we never owned a home,” says Alec Short about why he chose real estate as a career. “I like being able to help families find a home and answer the question, ‘Not where are we going to be in the next six months… but where are we going to be for the next few years.’”

    Alec grew up in in a small town in Montana called Red Lodge (Population: ~2,100) where, Alec jokes, “I couldn’t do anything bad as a kid without my mom already knowing about it before I got home.” And while he misses having Yellowstone National Park in his backyard, Alec’s knack for picking up languages drove him to study abroad during college and has kept him traveling ever since.

    He taught himself Spanish before even going to elementary school, and although he’s lost much of the Spanish he used to speak so easily, he hasn’t lost his language aptitude and currently can speak Russian, Arabic, and a bit of German conversationally. “Getting to know other cultures is incredibly important to me.”

    Combining his love of the natural beauty of his upbringing with the cultural opportunities of the city has landed Alec in Denver, and brought him to the Peak Properties Group. “It’s an incredibly supportive environment,” Alec says about Peak, “Prior to Peak, companies I worked for preached the “team-environment” but never truly functioned that way. Working at Peak has been the most stress-free I’ve ever been in my career.”

    That type of environment not only benefits the agents of the Peak Properties Group, but translates to the buyers and sellers who enlist Alec to guide them through one of the most important transactions any of us will ever undertake.

    “It’s a special moment, and I want to be a part of it,” Alec says of buying a home. “So whatever is keeping you up at night about the home-buying process, you can call or text me at any hour to get those stresses off your mind.”

    Having grown up moving a lot in rental situations and recently going through the home buying process with his partner, Alec is the ideal guide to manage that stress and ensure you find your ideal place.

    3 Completely Random Facts About Alec:

    • What’s Alec’s other motivation for getting into real estate? “My grandparents’ house was the only place that really felt like home growing up. As I become more successful, I’d like to return the favor and give back to them as they grow older.”
    • A man of many interests, you can find Alec playing flag football, doing the two-step and taking line dance lessons, or enjoying some Bonnie Brae ice cream.
    • The best place for authentic Eastern Mediterranean food in Denver in Alec’s opinion? “The Shish Kabob Grill on Colfax and Grant in Capitol Hill, without question.”
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