Brice Bushaw

    O: 720-515-7713

    “You can always expect a smile out of me.”

    Brice Bushaw seems to have never met a stranger. “You’ll feel like you’ve known me forever.” When asked why, he says, “I’m very friendly, and I assume the best in people. I always start out on a good note.”

    It’s this warmness and openness that saw Brice ascend from his degree at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Portland to Head Bartender at one of the Denver area’s most well-regarded hotels, perhaps the most sought-after position in the hospitality industry. Despite his success, Brice felt he was due for a change and the opportunity to apply his skills in a new way.

    Serendipity struck for Brice as he purchased his own home through fellow Peak Properties Group agent Peter Hecking, who has become a mentor for Brice. “I got lucky as the universe paired me up with Peter,” Brice explains. “Not everyone gets that lucky.” Brice and Peter connected quickly as Brice spent time as a kid in Germany, which allowed Brice and Peter to converse in German together as Brice began pursuing real estate in a more robust way.

    So what’s the synchronicity between the service industry and real estate? “It comes down simply to talking to people,” says Brice. “I’m good at making people comfortable in their own skin. And especially with first-time homebuyers, getting people comfortable with something the scope of buying a home is probably the most important thing you can do.”

    Brice has been working with clients at the Peak Properties Group and finds the company’s abiding philosophy of teamwork, listening, and collaboration a perfect fit for his friendly and engaging demeanor. And he’s enjoyed helping clients navigate one of the most important purchases anyone can make.

    When Brice is away from work, you can find him traveling to any number of fun locales across the country and the world. Whether he’s “chasing the blue water” scuba diving in Florida, hitting Burning Man in Nevada, or re-visiting Europe, Brice is on the go.

    And you can bet, always with a smile on his face.

    3 Completely Random Facts About Brice:

    • This is Colorado, so yes, Brice has a dog. He’s got an adorable Jack Russell Terrier named Bugatti.
    • Brice used to manage DJs around town, but his music taste is much more varied ranging from world music to classic rock. His current favorite: 80s music.
    • Brice’s off-the-wall idea for a business: Brice’s Spices. “Basically I’d get to travel all over the world, collect spices, and send them back to a storefront.” Fun!
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