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    Martin Percival - English Broker - Denver, CO

    You know when you show up at someone's home and they say, "Let me give you a tour"? I always say "Yes. Absolutely"! I absolutely love seeing a new home, if they don't offer I'm often one to ask if they mind if I take a look around instead. A house tells many stories!

    Often I chalk this up to being naturally nosy, but really that is part of my job as a Realtor® at the Peak Properties Group. I like to take a comprehensive approach to all of my relationships and really dig into who my clients are, what their backstories are, and get to the heart of what drives them. Getting to know my clients on that level makes house hunting that much easier.

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    This philosophy extends to why I joined the Peak Properties Group in the first place. In what is a selfish industry, the team structure of Peak Properties fits my style much better. Because we run a successful business here, we can support each other. If unavailable you can count of the rest of my team to take the time to help and I am always willing to return the favor.

    Born in the UK I became a Denver resident in 2001. Having had a successful professional dance career with Lord of the Dance and Riverdance, I moved to Denver and opened my own dance studio. After a rewarding decade of teaching and huge accomplishments in the field, I decided that my passion for architecture and real estate needed to be realized. As a licensed Realtor, I love all that the state has to offer. While being licensed in Colorado allows me to sell anywhere in the state, the greater Denver metro area holds the most appeal. I truly believe that a Realtor's job is to protect clients from unscrupulous sellers, buyers, and other real estate (un)professionals. Allow me to use my considerable experience to help ensure a worry-free transaction.

    Treating Clients Like Royalty!

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    • I aim to provide first class, superior quality service in terms of communication, transparency, education, advocacy, and negotiation.
    • Once I represent you, I hold my fiduciary duty to you at the highest possible level.
    • It is my goal to individualize and customize your experience with absolute professionalism and respect.
    • I will do my utmost to advise you to the best of my abilities which may include telling you to walk away from the 'wrong house.'
    • I have an intimate and expert knowledge of this market.
    • I pride myself on my conscientiousness and meticulousness.
    • I am thoroughly honest, respectable, reliable and teachable - if I don't know it - I will find out about it, quickly.
    • Whether you buy or sell, you will receive a Home Warranty compliments of the English Broker

    Please allow me the opportunity to buy you a cup of tea (or maybe coffee!) and find out what you are looking for in your Realtor. It is my job to understand all of your desires and dreams in a new home and manifest those within the parameters of today's market.

    Kindly leave your pertinent information below and I'll be sure to contact you right away! Please don't hesitate to include a message. This will also give you immediate access to every listing in our Colorado/Denver market!

    Time for Tea! My treat!

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