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    Peak Properties Grand Opening – Denver West

    Wow! Wednesday was overwhelming. I’m overwhelmed both by the sentiment expressed by everyone in attendance and by how quickly it was over.

    So much of the work that goes into preparing for an event like this is unglamorous and conducted when no one is looking. So to receive the praise and thanks from our attendees, so many of whom they were barely contained by our office, again, all I can think to say is that I’m overwhelmed by your warmth and your kind words.

    Jason Eckhoff, Alex Tooke, & Derek Weber with the Mayor of Lakewood  – 11/30/17 ©Lynne Lawlor Photography


    The Mayor, Adam Paul, told us what a pleasure it was to have our company residing in Lakewood. Councilwoman Ramey Johnson told us how lucky we were to have such a great group around us and how delighted everyone was to be there. Our co-founders Alex Tooke and Derek Weber had incredible words to say about our team and our efforts to establish a new branch of The Peak Properties Group.

    And in keeping with the spirit of this goodwill, I think it only appropriate to properly acknowledge all of the tremendous talents here at The Peak Properties Group Denver West and their work in making this office not only a reality but a success as well. Deborah Coronado loves her family so much, she can’t help but let that enthusiasm spill into her work as well. Athena Wilson Flierl brings incredible wisdom and experience to the team, she makes us all better. Alec Short is meticulous and he ensures nothing ever slips through the cracks. Peter Hecking’s charm and worldly knowledge is unparalleled and I’m thrilled I get to work with him every day. Jake Long has drive and ambition to be nothing short of the best. Beckie Bean is relentless in her fight to ensure her clients get everything they want and need. And our newest agent Julie Richie is pure energy and makes us all fight just a little bit harder.

    The Peak Properties Leadership Team – 11/30/17 ©Lynne Lawlor Photography11/30/17


    As Branch Manager, I think my goal is to help each of my team members be a little better today than they were yesterday. In truth, I think each of these people makes me a better person than I was yesterday.


    For more information about working at The Peak Properties Group – Visit www.WorkAtPeak.com to apply and find out more.

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